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In April 4, 2002, the HPP Project of Coral Bay Nickel Corporation was established with the combined efforts of our Japanese partners Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Mitsui & Co., Sojitz Corporation and its Filipino partner, Rio Tuba Nickel Mining Corporation (RTNMC).

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Since 1977, Rio Tuba Nickel Mining Corporation (RTNMC) has been mining saprolitic nickel ores selling them to ferro-nickel smelters abroad.   In its more than 25 years of operation, RTNMC accumulated 20 million dry tons of laterite and low-grade Ni ore.  Then considered as waste, these were stockpiled at the site.

Extensive metallurgical tests were carried out to extract Ni and Co from the low-grade ore. The production of a mixed Ni and Co sulfide through a hydrometallurgical process called High Pressure Acid Leach (HPAL) was found possible.  Later developments by Sumitomo Metals and Mining Co. Ltd. justified the feasibility of the HPP Project in June 2001.





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